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Dr. W.J. Nusselder
Assistant Professor
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 Current projects:   

- Longer life, longer in good health, working longer? Implications of educational differences for the pension system funded by Netspar

 - HEALTY HABITS’: start early: engaging the young and their environments in multi ethnic lower socio-economic groups funded by ZonMW and Hartstichting    



 R. Yogota Thesis  "Impact of chronic diseases on disability and health expectancies and the role of smoking". September 2017, Free University Brussel 

- F Peters “Deviating trends in Dutch life Expectancy:Explanation and Projection” October 2015, Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam.

 - B. Klijs Thesis “Healthy Ageing: Tackling the burden of disease and  disability in an ageing population”. June 2012, Erasmus Univeristy Rotterdam 

- S. Lhachimi Thesis “Dynamic Population Health Modelling forquantitative Health Impact Assessment. November 2011, Erasmus University Rotterdam