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    Thesis: Economic and health impact of injuries in the Netherlands and Europe (2007)

  • Publications

              Polinder, S., Homs, M. Y., Siersema, P. D., Steyerberg, E. W. Cost study of metal stent   placement vs single-dose brachytherapy in the palliative treatment of oesophageal cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 2004. 90(11): p. 2067-72.


                Polinder S., Meerding, W.J., van Exel J. and Brouwer W. Societal discounting of health effects in cost-effectiveness analyses: the influence of life expectancy. Pharmacoeconomics. 2005. 23: 791-802.


    Eijkemans M.J.C., Polinder S., Mulders A.G.M.G.J., Laven J.S.E., Habbema J.D.F., Fauser, B.C.J.M. An individualized cost-effective treatment protocol for patients with normogonadotrophic anovulatory infertility (WHO 2). Human Reproduction. 2005. 20:2830-2837.


              Polinder, Meerding, Toet, Mulder, Essink-Bot, van Beeck. Prevalence and prognostic factors of disability after childhood injury. Pediatrics. 2005. 116: p. 810-817.


              Polinder S., Meerding W.J., van Baar M.E., Toet H., Mulder S., van Beeck E.F., and the EUROCOST reference group. Cost estimation of injury related hospital admissions in ten European countries. Journal of Trauma. 2005. 59: 1283-1291.


                Lyons, Polinder, Larsen, Mulder, Meerding, Van beeck, and the EUROCOST reference group. Methodological issues in comparing injury incidence across countries. International Journal of Injury control and Safety Promotion. 2006; 13: p. 63-70.


    Polinder S, van Beeck EF, Essink-Bot ML, Toet H, Looman CWN, Mulder S, Meerding WJ. Functional outcome at 2?, 5, 9 and 24 months after injury in the Netherlands.  Journal of Trauma. 2007; 62:133-141.


    Polinder S, Meerding WJ, Mulder S, Petridou E, van Beeck EF, and the Eurocost reference group. Assessing the burden of injury in six European countries. Bulletin of the World health Organization. 2007; 85 (1): 27-34.


    Heijnen EMEW, Eijkemans MJC, De Klerk C, Polinder S, Beckers NG, Klinkert ER, Broekmans FJ, Passchier J, Te Velde ER, Macklon NS, Fauser BJCM. A mild strategy in IVF results in favourable outcomes in terms of term live birth, cost and patient discomfort. Lancet. 2007; 369: 743-749.


    Polinder S, Meerding WJ, Lyons RA, Toet H, Haagsma JA, Petridou E, Mulder S, van Beeck EF, and the Eurocost reference group. International variation in clinical injury incidence in ten European countries: performance of indicators based on health care, anatomical and outcome criteria. AAP. 2008: 40: 182-191.


    Polinder S, Heijnen EMEW, Macklon N, Habbema JDF, Fauser BJCM, Eijkemans MJC. Cost effectiveness of a mild compared to a standard strategy for IVF: a randomised comparison using cumulative term live birth as the primary endpoint. Hum Rep. 2008;23(2):316-23.


    J.A. Haagsma, E.F. van Beeck , N. Hoeymans, S. Polinder,  S. Mulder & G.J. Bonsel. Novel empirical disability weights to assess the burden of non-fatal injury. Injury Prevention (accepted nov 2007).

                   De Jonge, van Eijck, Geldof, Bekkering, Essink-Bot, Polinder, Kuipers, Siersema. Oesophageal capsule endoscopy for the detection of oesophageal disorders: improvement of diagnostic accuracy. Accepted Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology. 2008.           Heijnen, Eijkemans, de Klerk, Polinder, Beckers, Klinkert, Broekmans, Passchier, te Velde, Macklon en Fauser. Minder risico's, patiëntenongemak en kosten, maar niet minder zwangerschappen in de zogenaamde milde behandelstrategie voor IVF. NTVG accepted.