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Professor H.J. de Koning MD, PhD, epidemiologist - click to enlarge
Professor H.J. de Koning MD, PhD, epidemiologist
Professor of Public Health & Screening Evaluation
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• ROBINSCA: New and more individualised population-based screening for cardiovascular disease; from a RCT including self-assessments, primary care and coronary artery calcification score to modelling risk-benefit                                                         

• EU-TOPIA: Towards improved screening for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer in all of Europe (Coordinator)               

• EU-SCREEN: Implementation of optimized childhood vision and hearing screening programmes in middle-income countries in Europe (Substitute coordinator) 

• CANCON – European Guide on Quality Improvement in Comprehensive Cancer Control     

• CISNET – Comparative Modelling of Lung Cancer Prevention and Control Policies  (2005-2020)                

• CISNET - Modelling to Improve Prostate Cancer Outcomes Across Diverse Populations  (2005-2020)               

• CISNET – Comparative Modelling: Informing Breast Cancer Control Practice Policy  (2005-2020) 

• Research-based evaluation of the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program (Norway Research Council)                

• Validation of the Erasmus MC MISCAN-Fadia model for cost-effectiveness analyses of mammography screening in Singapore (NMRC) 

• Dutch-Belgian (NELSON-) RCT on lung cancer screening by low dose spiral CT in high-risk subjects (ZonMw, KWF Kankerbestrijding)                

• MRI   screening trial for women with a high risk of breast cancer and analysis of its cost-effectiveness (ZonMw, KWF Kankerbestrijding)


Dutch nationwide breast cancer screening programme 1991-2017 (RIVM)                         

• Dutch nationwide cervical cancer screening programme 1991-2017 (RIVM)                          

• Dutch nationwide colorectal cancer screening programme 2014-2019 (RIVM)                     

• Health Technology Assessment for CT lung cancer screening including modelling of outcomes and cost-effectiveness (Sunnybrook Health Sciences, Toronto, Canada)                         

• SCOR Global Life. Forecast age specific incidences for DCIS (Carcinoma in situ of the breast) and invasive breast cancer for South Korea under the assumption of various screening scenarios


HORIZON 2020 – ITN - A new era in personalised medicine: Radiomics as decision support tool for diagnostics and theragnostics in oncology (PREDICT) 2017 

• NIH BCSC/Dartmouth college – Risk-Based Breast Cancer Screening in Community Settings 

• NIH PO1 – Integrative analysis of lung cancer aetiology and risk 2017                         

• CISNET – Comparative Modelling of Colorectal Cancer: Informing Health Policies and Prioritizing Future Research (NIH/NCI, USA)                          

• CISNET - Comparative modelling to inform cervical cancer control policies (NIH/NCI, USA)                          

 European Randomised Study of Prostate cancer screening (ERSPC) (ZonMw, KWF Kankerbestrijding, Beckman, NCI)                          

• Screening of coeliac disease in the Preventive Youth Health Care Centres in the Netherlands (GLUTENSCREEN)  (ZonMw) 2017                          

• DENSE Trial: MR Imaging as an Additional Screening Modality for the Detection of Breast Cancer in Women Aged 50-75 Years with Extremely Dense Breasts (ZonMw)                          

• PRISMA (TOP-subsidy): breast cancer screening – from one-size-fits-all to a personalized risk-based approach (ZonMw)

EARLY-SYNERGY (Hartstichting) 2017                           

• Towards risk-stratified guidelines for surveillance and treatment of patients with Barrett's oesophagus (KWF Kankerbestrijding)                          

• Evaluating the long-term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of population-based screening and treatment for prostate cancer: the CAP and ProtecT RCTs (Cancer Research UK)