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Prof.dr. F.J. van Lenthe PhD
Professor Social Epidemiology
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Why are persons in lower socioeconomic groups more unhealthy as compared to persons living in higher socioeconomic groups, and how can this gap in health be reduced? Answering these questions has been and is the focus of research. Research projects addressed further understanding of the development of socioeconomic inequalities in health and health behaviours from childhood onwards. Studies are conducted aimed at investigating neighbourhood inequalities in health, the role of physical environmental characteristics for health among the elderly, the explanation of socioeconomic inequalities in physical activity and dietary intake among adults, the interaction between individual and environmental determinants of these health-behaviours. To investigate how these inequalities can be reduced, equity-specific subgroup analyses have been conducted in existing intervention studies in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, methods are developed for the evaluation of the equity impact of natural policy experiments. Projects have been performed in the local, national and European context. In most projects, innovations in social-epidemiological methods are sought, as for example by exploring the usefulness of agent-based models.