Introduction to Choosing Actions

Authors: M.A. Beenackers, F.J. van Lenthe, J.P. Mackenbach from Erasmus MC, in collaboration with the HE2020 project partners

Setting priorities and choosing actions for entry points

In previous phases, a needs assessment (phase 1) and a capacity audit (phase 2) were carried out. With the information obtained in the first two phases, it is necessary to identify policies and interventions which are able to address the inequalities, given the available capacity. Phase 3 (Figure 28) addresses the process of setting priorities and choosing actions based on the entry points for actions that have been identified in these previous phases.


Figure 28

This phase aims to provide information about:

  1. mechanisms and strategies to address health inequalities,
  2. setting priorities and considering appropriate actions, and
  3. translating actions into regional action plans

This phase of the toolkit is accompanied by the Health Equity 2020 Action Database, which contains both effective and promising policies and interventions.

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