The RDIC model

Health Equity 2020 focuses on regional cross-sector co-operation. The RDIC-model offers a very useful framework for mapping opportunities for and barriers to local co-operation.

With regard to “partnerships” as a capacity building and development domain, it also offers a framework for reflecting on stakeholders, capacities, capacity development needs and options and, finally, capacity assessments and audits.

The model was constructed from network theory, organizational behaviour theory, resource dependence theory and new institutional theory. It explains co-operation by a) the willingness to co-operate and b) the ability to co-operate. Willingness and ability to co-operate are explained by goals, perceptions and stakeholder resources with dependencies of and between stakeholders and institutions.

This model can be used to reflect on stakeholders and the dynamics within the RAG. It can used to prepare and analyse interviews, identify needs and make plans for capacity building and development.


Figure 26

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