Focus on the environment

Finally, you can address whether and how the environment supports or hinders the development of organizational capacities by covering the same core issues and functional capacities: when it comes to the issue of interest, how do core issues, institutional arrangements, leadership, knowledge, accountability and functional capacities like engaging the relevant stakeholders, assessing a situation and creating a vision and a mandate, formulating policies and strategies, budget management and implementation as well as evaluation in the environment affect organizational capacity development??

Due to time restrictions it might be necessary to shorten this part of the interview. It could be a starting point to ask if the environment is supportive in addressing the respective health inequity, how support eventually looks, or what is a hindrance. It is important to figure out if and which development agendas are already in place, e.g. regional development agendas.

A special topic of interest might be EU funding opportunities and the capacities to use them.

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