After the interviews have been conducted

After the interviews have been conducted the next step would be to analyse the materials and information gathered and formulate a capacity development response: an action plan. The following should be under consideration:

  • Combining actions to address more than one issue / topic / concern
  • Start the analysis by presenting strength and afterwards gaps
  • Defining short and medium term initiatives as well as quick impact activities
  • Allocating budgets
  • Defining indicators to measure progress
  • Defining the cost of a capacity development response

To develop the capacity action plan, you can also organize a workshop / meeting event and/or present and discuss the findings from the capacity assessment / audit with the stakeholders and within the RAG. This can lead to gathering additional information/perspectives on the matter or motivate stakeholders for further co-operation.

The regional action plan is developed in co-operation with the stakeholders and the regional action group. Consequently, when a capacity audit takes place should be agreed to figure out whether or to what degree the objectives and targets for capacity development are being met

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