Capacity Building Framework 1: NSW (2001)

The (NSW 2001) framework was constructed with health promotion as its main goal. It is therefore highly suited to the approach aimed at developing capacities to design strategies and programmes for health equity.

Organizational development, workforce development, resource allocation, partnerships and leadership are seen as domains of capacities and for capacity building in the fields of infrastructure, programme sustainability and problem solving (NSW 2001, Figure 20, Figure 21, Figure 22). What needs to be taken into account is that capacity building and development can take place at different levels, e.g. programmes or systems.


Figure 20

Organizational development means to develop policies and procedures, strategic directions, organizational structures, management support, recognition and reward systems, information systems, quality improvement (QI) systems and informal culture.

Workforce development is linked to workforce learning, the supply of external courses, professional development opportunities, the development of undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, the development of professional support and supervision, and the development of a performance management system.

Resource allocation refers to the allocation of financial and human resources, time, information, expert advice, tools and models, administrative support and physical resources.

Organizational development, workforce development and resource allocation are influenced by leadership and partnerships.

Capacity building for leadership means to develop interpersonal skills, technical skills, personal qualities, strategic visioning, systems thinking, visioning the future and organizational management.

Capacity building in the field of partnerships refers to developing shared goals, relationships, planning, implementation, evaluation and sustained outcomes.

Leadership and partnerships are also needed for workforce development, organizational development and resource allocation.


Figure 21


Figure 22a
Figure 22b

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