Introduction to Needs Assessment

Authors: M.A. Beenackers, F.J. van Lenthe, J.P. Mackenbach from Erasmus MC, in collaboration with the HE2020 project partners

Assessing the magnitude and determinants of socioeconomic health inequalities

This needs assessment tool provides a systematic method for regional policymakers to review the current size and magnitude of socioeconomic inequalities in health situation in a region, and to identify the determinants of such socioeconomic inequalities in health. This is the first phase of the Health Equity 2020 toolkit (see Figure 3.)

Figure 3

The information from the needs assessment can, in combination with the information from the capacity assessment (phase 2), assist in the process of identifying entry points for actions that will reduce socioeconomic inequalities in health. A comprehensive overview will ultimately help in making decisions regarding the allocation of resources when addressing health inequalities and regional development.

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