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Atlas of amenable mortality


The AMIEHS project aims to develop a "new" list of indicators (causes of death) for which mortality rates are likely to reflect variations in the effectiveness of health care, with health care being limited to primary care, hospital care and personalized health services.

In this electronic atlas of amenable mortality we present trends in mortality for 45 possible amenable causes of death in 30 European countries over the period 2001-2009. This includes possible indicators that have been judged in a Delphi procedure for their validity as indicator of amenable mortality and causes of death that have been identified in earlier studies on amenable mortality.

We thank Eurostat for providing us with mortality data.

How to use this atlas

Per cause of death age standardized mortality trends are presented for males and females separately. Standardization has been performed using the European Standard Population provided by the World Health Organization.

You can enter the requested cause of death by clicking on the name, the causes are ordered by ICD-10 code. By clicking on indicators choices can be made in the shown sex (males/females) and the year (2001-2009).

Per cause of death a map is shown in which the mortality level is depicted through different colors. By scrolling over the countries the level of mortality is shown and the trend in mortality rates is depicted in the left figure. Along with this the different age standardized mortality rates and numbers of deaths per country are shown in a table and in bar charts also 95% confidence intervals are presented. There is an ability to save the pictures that are shown by using the export function. By clicking "Back to menu" you will return to the main menu. Please be aware that a takes a few seconds to upload the different pictures.

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